We’re pleased to announce that Cat Tracker has landed in Oz!

Last week, our colleague Philip Roetman and team from the Discovery Circle, a citizen science initiative based at the University of South Australia, launched the Australian version of Cat Tracker.

The team aims to recruit and track 500 indoor/outdoor house cats with GPS technology in order to better understand cat movement and behavior. We look forward to collaborating with Cat Tracker South Australia to make cross-continental comparisons. Here in the US, we’ve found that urban cats don’t travel very far and stick close to the surrounds of the built environment. Will the Australians see similar patterns with their felines? Follow their Facebook page for project updates.

Our Australian colleagues have also added a few pieces to their project that we’ll be adapting and integrating into our North American version including a cat personality survey and a Cat Tracker lesson plan for students. Look forward to updates from the US-based Cat Tracker team in the coming weeks.

And soon, we’ll be sharing details about the official launch of another Southern Hemisphere Spin-off: Cat Tracker New Zealand!