Never Home Alone:

A Gala of Stories, Foods,and Insights from the Study of the Life in Homes  November 15th, 2018 (Evening) Beginning ten years ago scientists at North [...]

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Take the new cat personality test

The Cat Tracker Project is launching a new cat personality test. Take 10 minutes and complete the survey to unveil your cat's personality characteristics. Your [...]

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Students Discover Update

Overview: Over the last five years we have worked to develop citizen science projects that reach out to the public but also that, more specifically, [...]

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Calling All Drones

On Monday, October 9th, Greg Crutsinger woke to an ordinary sort of day. He was looking forward to the week. He was launching a [...]

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The Search for Lost Microbes

I spent several years writing a book about the value of biological diversity to agriculture, Never Out of Season. In doing so, I gained a [...]

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