Everyone loves a good quiz – even the Buzzfeed variety, you know the kind that you see on Facebook ALL. THE. TIME. The kind of quiz that helps you determine what actor would play you in a movie of your life or what literary couple best represents you and your significant other.

Recently, we’ve seen a couple of quizzes that are not only FUN but, GASP, might provide an opportunity for you to learn something interesting about the biodiversity in your daily life.

Last week, the NY Times Well blog ran a story (written by former post doc and YWL team alum, Nancy Brill) about the Arthropods of Our Homes project: The Bugs in Our Homes.

The side bar featured The Bugs in Your Homes Quiz (illustrated with the fabulous photos of Matt Bertone)! How complete is your knowledge about the insects, spiders and their kin that live under your roof? Take the quiz and find out!

For the next quiz, prepare to zoom in to a much smaller scale. Our friends over at the Personal Genetics Education Project (pgEd) have launched a new quiz called You Are Not Alone: The Microbiome. Play the five question game to explore the unseen world of bacteria, viruses, and fungi that live within (and on!) our bodies. Pin yourself on the world map and then get your friends and family to play to build up pins in your neighborhood.

In addition to the Microbiome Game, pgEd has a game on personal genetics and will soon be launching new quizzes on a range of topics, including cancer and genetics, likelihood and risk, epigenetics, genetic privacy, and even superhero genetics – stay tuned!

So how did you do? Take any other quizzes relevant to the biodiversity in your daily life? Pass them our way and we’ll be sure to share!

Header image credit: It’s quiz time | Michael Clark | Flickr (Creative Commons License)