Never Home Alone:

A Gala of Stories, Foods,and Insights from the Study of the Life in Homes  November 15th, 2018 (Evening) Beginning ten years ago scientists at North [...]

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Ten Things Graduate Students Should Study (Never Out of Season Edition)

One of the luxuries of writing about science is that it gives me a chance to weave together discoveries made in disparate fields. I can connect the stories for readers. Sometimes I can even connect the scientists themselves. But the more I write, the more that I see that where such connections are most conspicuously missed is not random. In some subfields of science our ignorance is both vast and predictable. One of these subfields is the intersection between basic ecology and evolutionary biology and application.

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The Syrians and Iraqis at Your Dinner Table

Each detail of our daily lives has a history and, just as with any history, it is a history we would do well to learn from. Consider the biology of your dinner table. Your table itself is Syrian or Iraqi as is most of the food on it.

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The Bear

I was staying in a one, room shack beside a river. The river, a majestic river, reminded me of the sound of a washing machine. My [...]

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For the Birds

I rarely use my front door. The backdoor is just so darn convenient, being closer to the driveway and all. Yet the mailbox is out [...]

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