About Rob Dunn

Rob Dunn is a biologist and writer in the Department of Applied Ecology at North Carolina State University. Central to all of his work is the sense that big discoveries lurk not only in faraway tropical forests, but also in our backyards and even bedrooms. The unknown is large and wonderful and Dunn and his collaborators, students, and postdocs love to spend their days in it.

Ants Take Over Space Station

A generation ago, the hopes for a colony on the moon or elsewhere beyond the Earth’s atmosphere were great, so great that a replica of [...]

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How to turn any dataset into a glowing worm

A few decades ago gene expression, the process by which the code books of genes are turned into proteins, was invisible. It happened in every [...]

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The Belly Buttons Will be Revealed, Slowly

We are finally revealing our last batch of results about Belly Button Biodiversity, results of samples of 583 people. In doing so, we are going [...]

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The Biggest Microscope in the World

and it is focused on your toilet seat… My grandmother, Barbara, often talked about growing up in a bedroom that was an observatory. She also, [...]

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The Climate Inside

Our houses modify the climate around them. In great densities, our houses and other buildings can change weather patterns. Urbanization increases temperatures. It can also [...]

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Dear Students

Last week, we hosted an outstanding group of students from the NC School of Science and Mathematics for a two-day research experience in the lab, [...]

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The Day My Cat Went Home

Photo credit: Megan Halpern Recently, my friend Roland Kays, the Director of the Biodiversity Lab at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences approached [...]

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