A few quick updates on Belly Button Biodiversity and related projects:

  • You can now download and take a gander at the second and final batch of data from Belly Button Biodiversity. The available file contains both taxonomic information (OTU tables) and meta-data self-reported from our last batch of participants. These are the same data we used to generate the interactive pie chart.
Joana Demo_LaurenNichols_2014

Artist Joana Ricou shows Museum visitor how to sample her belly button for microbes.

  • Mark your calendars! Life on Us, the 2-part documentary series about the microorganisms living on us and in us (featuring Rob Dunn, face mites, belly button microbes and the Your Wild Life team in action at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences), makes its US broadcast debut on the National Geographic Channel on December 19, 2014. Don’t miss it!