Apparently, cat fanciers love celebrating their feline friends with official holidays. A few months ago we were celebrating World Cat Day (August 8, 2014). And now today, just in case you missed the memo, is National Cat Day!

We thought we’d seize this opportunity to update you on our Cat Tracker project.

To date, we’ve had 350 cat-owners sign up their kitties for our GPS tracking study, including owners in nearly every US state!

We’re intensely recruiting cat-owners on Long Island so that we can better understand cat movement and behavior before and after coyotes colonize. Last week, we shipped our first batch of GPS units and harnesses to Long Island Cat Trackers.

And recently, we forged a partnership with the Bruce Museum in Connecticut — Soon, we’ll be able to provide GPS units and harnesses to residents in Fairfield County, CT or Westchester County, NY.

As you take care to avoid the black cats that may cross your path this Halloween, do take a moment to admire the paths of the 58 felines we’ve successfully tracked to date. And if you own an indoor/outdoor cat, do consider signing up for Cat Tracker today!