You’re standing in the shower and one of the most gigantic mosquitoes you’ve ever seen flies over the shower curtain. Take a deep breath … it’s not a mosquito.

Meet the crane fly (Diptera: Tipulidae).

I grew up calling these Mosquito Killers. Given that name, I tried to save as many of these insects as possible. Unfortunately, they’re delicate. My compassionate attempts usually resulted in a 3-legged insect.

Despite its monstrous size, there’s no need to fear the crane fly. Adults do not bite — in fact, they don’t even eat.

Crane flies spend most of their lives as larvae feeding on decomposing organic matter. Typically, the larvae (which look like big fleshy grubs) live in aquatic environments, although some species live in the soil and feed on the roots of crops and grasses.

In addition to the occasional interloper in your shower, you’re most likely to see adult crane flies swarming around your porch light at night.