At least once a month, Your Wild Life hits the road to visit a local school or participate in an outreach event at a museum or library. We love interacting with students, educators, families, kids and grown-ups – everyone who’s curious about the biodiversity in their daily lives!

Frequently, we prepare special materials to draw our audience into conversation and share scientific information in a catchy, visually appealing way.

Rather than let those materials sit in a corner of the lab, gathering dust ‘til our next event, we want to share those resources with YOU! We think they might be something you could use, in your classroom or to jazz up your boring office.

Today, Madgalena Sorger, ant biologist and NCSU graduate student, shares a snazzy poster she made about ant biology for BugFest 2013, an annual event at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences that drew a crowd of over 35,000 visitors this year!

Download your copy of the Ant Poster today.

All about ANTS (by D.M. Sorger)_thumbnail