Your Wild Life is excited to announce that we’re bringing our wild brand of science into classrooms! We’re embarking on a new five-year project to improve student outcomes and teacher enthusiasm around the world by creating opportunities for real scientific discovery.

We’ve spent the last three years doing science with the public. We have, in the process, discovered more fun things than we ever would have on our own. We have seen further into the truths of belly buttons, armpits, face mites, backyard ants, and even domestic cats than we ever imagined we might. It has been fun, big fun, ridiculous fun, the kind of fun one should not really get to have while doing a job.

Now we are ready to take a big next step. We would like to bring this fun into schools. We would like to engage 10,000 teachers, yes 10,000 teachers, and their students in North Carolina and any other state or country that will have us.

Will you join us?

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