School may be out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be thinking about next year’s science fair project.

Today, Adam Hochberg reported on the new science of science fairs, a topic we feel pretty passionate about.  Have a listen — you’ll hear a familiar voice or two in his piece ;)

You may recall that last November, we convened a group of scientists, educators and Twitterati to brainstorm a list of project ideas and experiments where kids had the potential to make real scientific discoveries.

Rather than asking students to demonstrate something we already know (ie, baking soda + vinegar = bubble explosion), could we empower students (and teachers) to ask questions and test hypotheses for which the answer is unknown?

Our #kidsdoscience brainstorm participants (in person and online) generated over 100 awesome ideas. We curated them as a Storify (a timeline of links and tweets), embedded below. Be sure to click beyond Page 1 of the timeline as the good stuff really emerged later in the discussion.

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