Last Thursday, cicada expert Dr. Chris Simon dropped by the Daily Planet Theatre at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences to talk about periodical cicadas. She had been working nearby in Greensboro, North Carolina, mapping the distribution of the East Coast Brood of periodical cicadas (Brood II) at its western and southern edges.

As you read earlier in the month and probably gathered by our recent tweets, I’m a bit of a periodical cicada fan. I was so inspired by the images and sound clips Dr. Simon shared that I headed over to Greensboro the very next day to check out the emergence myself. It was SPECTACULAR, and I took some video so I could, in turn, share what I saw with all of you. ENJOY!

Remember, if you’ve seen and heard periodical cicadas emerging and singing along the East Coast, take a moment to do a little cicada citizen science — Report your observations to