Tagul Word cloud in the shape of an ant of all ant name submissions

Wow that's a lot of names! Click on the image for the interactive version!


Wow! When I sat down to compile a complete list of all of our submissions for our ant naming contest, I had no idea how many creative, hilarious and thoughtful suggestions there would be from our citizen scientists! We had so many wonderful submissions from scientists, Darwin Day museum visitors, blog commenters, entire elementary school classrooms and teachers. It has been entirely too much fun to sift through all of the names and reasons for givingĀ Forelius pruinosus a creative common name. So while we spend some time sorting through the submissions so that we may put it to a popular vote, we just wanted to extend our many thanks for participating in this fun project. It’s exciting that we can celebrate biodiversity by continuing to give animals names!

Here are some highlights from Mrs. Kennedy’s Second grade class submissions:

Vote for "Grover Ant" as the name by Rhiannon


Vote for "But Trap Ant" by Katie


Vote for "Dancing Ant" by Daniela


Vote for "Greedy Ant" by Casey



This is your last chance to make a submission in the comments section below — We’re closing the “polls” at 5p EST on Friday, March 1. Help us give Forelius pruinosus a common name!