Arthropods! In your house!

Ok, you shouldn’t be surprised. We’ve been talking about the arthropods – insects, spiders and their kin – co-habitating with us for some time now, especially since launching the Arthropods of Our Homes study earlier this summer.

To date, the team has crawled around and poked in the dusty corners of almost 50 homes throughout Raleigh.

Listen below as Elsa Youngsteadt and I join the team in progress on an exploration of one local area home (You might recognize the homeowner – Dr. Eleanor Spicer-Rice, author of the Common Book of Ants!) This is the first in what we hope will be a regular Your Wild Life podcast series. Enjoy!

With the onset of cooler outdoor temperatures, the field season for Arthropods of Our Homes is coming to a close, and the team will start ramping up efforts to sort and identify the thousands of arthropod specimens they’ve collected so far.

You can check out some of their early findings and meet the team in-person at the NC Museum of Natural Science’s Bugfest. We’ll be in the Biodiversity Lab on the second floor of the Nature Research Center from 10a-4p. Hope to see you there!