**We originally posted March 23, 2012. Note that the Your Wild Life Postdoc position AND the School of Ants Postdoc position have now been officially posted on the NCSU website.**

The camel crickets in our basement are jumping. Ants are busy foraging in our backyard. Both the birds and carpenter bees are furiously building nests in and around our house.

Spring has ARRIVED.

As the wild life around us starts cranking with the onset of spring, so too is research in the Dunn Lab.

And we’re looking for a couple new post-docs to join our crack team of scientists, communicators, and citizen scientists.

One post doc position will work on research questions related to the ecology and evolution of the species that live in us, on us, and around us in our daily lives. Right now work in the lab includes research on insects and microbes, but there’s great opportunity to build upon current approaches and taxa and to harness the power of our citizen science network to ask big questions.

The other post-doc will work on the ecology and evolution of ants in cities, backyards, and houses. We’re looking for someone to take advantage of the data and specimens being compiled from sites across North America and Europe through the School of Ants project.

In short, we’re looking for two awesome scientists who want to study the species we see everyday but about which we know relatively little, whether those species live in Raleigh, Manhattan or somewhere else in the world.

Think about it as research you can do from your backyard… or even your bedroom.

Did we mention how now’s an EXCITING time to join our team? We’ve got a bunch of new colleagues at the Nature Research Center at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, including Julie Horvath and Michelle Trautwein, as well as a project cranking with NC State colleagues on the ecology of herbivores in urban environments. There’s lots of opportunities for collaboration.

Here’s the post-doc position descriptions and instructions for applying:

Post doc on ecology and evolution of species in our daily lives **UPDATE: This position has officially been listed on NCSU HR website – Click HERE to apply**

Post doc ecology and evolution of ants in our cities, backyards and houses ***UPDATE #2: This position has officially been listed on the NCSU HR website (16 April 2012) – Click HERE to apply***