Students Discover Update

Overview: Over the last five years we have worked to develop citizen science projects that reach out to the public but also that, more specifically, [...]

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Meet Your Mites: Family Style

Over the last few months, our first cohort of Students Discover Kenan Fellows have been busy in their classrooms piloting and refining the citizen science [...]

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Our Bodies Are a Habitat

Thanks to PBS Digital Studios and YouTuber Coma Niddy we can now add face mites to the list of subjects featured in a science parody [...]

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Good News: We’ve all got mites!

Over the last year and a half, hundreds of you volunteered to have your faces scraped for science. In looking at the contents of your [...]

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The Future of Discovery

In March 2014, Rob spoke at TEDxSantaCruz, explaining how much we don’t know about the species living on us, in us and around us – [...]

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The Cosmos of Your Body

Inspired by some recent visualizations of the solar system and the return of COSMOS, we decided to jump into our own "Ship of the Imagination." Our [...]

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