Squirrel Sketch

If you live on the East Coast, I bet you encountered at least one eastern gray squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) during your regular comings and goings [...]

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Very occasionally, the opportunity arises for a group of people to decide where and how to build a city. In 1792 the legislators of North [...]

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Celebrating Native Bees

As you were enjoying celebrations this July 4th weekend, you may have noticed many bees flying around your yard or neighborhood park, pollinating flowers and [...]

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Hot in the ‘Hood

When we build our cities with cement and asphalt, they trap heat. This trapped heat warms our cities, as much, in some cases, as global [...]

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I Am Mouse, Hear Me Roar

When Paul showed up at work with that coffee can full of mice babies, I knew I was perched on the zenith of the best [...]

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The Birth of a Zombie Wasp

Graduate student Emily Meineke had one of those ‘OH S&^%!’ moments while in the lab the other day. Best part is she caught it on [...]

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Where Does Our Trash Go?

Each day we throw away our trash, but once it leaves our hands, where does it go? Last semester, Rob Dunn's Community Ecology of Humans [...]

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CSI: New York, Lead

Sometimes we discover things that we don't yet understand. We like to share those findings with you, even before we make sense of them. Here [...]

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Backyard Bees

**Entomology graduate student April Hamblin will be studying bees in backyards across Raleigh this summer, and she's looking for folks to volunteer their yards as [...]

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Big City Social Life

As urbanization spreads and city structures replace many social insect colonies' natural habitats, these insects still manage to survive—and even thrive. The secret to their [...]

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