ICYMI: Holiday Break Edition

Happy New Year! Classes are back in swing today here at NC State and we’re slowly but surely digging ourselves out from under the pile [...]

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Ants vs. Rats in NYC

Last year I got to take my first trip to New York City and spent most of my time in the medians of Broadway setting [...]

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The Most Important Map You Will Ever See

and other stories of the biogeography of pathogens Among the greatest of the unwinnable debates among academics is the place of humans in nature. It [...]

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Good News: We’ve all got mites!

Over the last year and a half, hundreds of you volunteered to have your faces scraped for science. In looking at the contents of your [...]

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Quiz Time!

Everyone loves a good quiz – even the Buzzfeed variety, you know the kind that you see on Facebook ALL. THE. TIME. The kind of [...]

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Lewis Thomas and the Ants of New York City

Lewis Thomas was a doctor who wrote articles so beautiful everyone forgot he was anything but a writer. Joyce Carol Oates used Thomas’s writing in [...]

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He is a wise man who invented beer

It has been a fun set of weeks in the lab. Two weeks ago I discovered ants from our lab had made their way to [...]

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Celebrate World Soil Day

In celebration of World Soil Day (December 5, 2013), we give you a round-up of Your Wild Life posts that in some way extol the [...]

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Science + Art = SciArt!

Dr. Eleanor and friends have a fun new blog called Buzz Hoot Roar. In each post, they explain a scientific concept that interests or excites [...]

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Making the Invisible Visible

If you haven’t visited our Invisible Life project in the last few weeks, go pop on over today and check it out! We’ve added a [...]

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Invisible names

Maybe it has something to do with the excessive amounts of matching and memory games I played as a tot. Or why flash cards have [...]

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