A Tree’s Life (A New Citizen Science Project)

Would you give a few minutes a year to reveal the future of forests? What would be the easiest citizen science project ever? Watching paint dry? Falling off a log? Maybe. But what would you, or anyone else, learn from that? We are starting a citizen science project almost as easy but much more important. Its called A Tree’s Life and all you need to do is monitor red maple growth in your yard. We even give you the supplies. It’s really just one supply called a dendrometer, and it does most of the work.

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The Wild Lives of Gutters

As a rule of thumb, we like to assume that if a surface exists, there’s something (or many things) living on it. These “things” are microscopic organisms – bacteria, fungi, protists, and even archaea – and they’re all very hard at work turning dead things anew into life, or even turning the nutrients in air into bits and pieces of their cells. We smell the presence of these workings, but forget to consider the thriving life forms it bespeaks.

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The Pump of Youth

What is the secret to a long life? The heartbeat of some animals may hold a clue. Studies have concluded that mammals get about a [...]

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The Wild Life of Chimpanzee Nests

We share a lot with you, dear readers. Some might say too much (ahem, the plight of our own armpit bacteria, for example). Yet believe [...]

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Introducing Myrmex: A Comic Ant-thology

Science and education are at their core acts of storytelling. Nature tells her story to scientists and scientists in turn share Nature’s stories with the [...]

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Are there bark beetles in your backyard?

This past week we reconnected with Jiri Hulcr, resident Forest Entomologist at the University of Florida (and Dunn lab alum) who has just recently launched [...]

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The Odor of the Odorous House Ant

A visitor prepares to sniff the odorous house ant. Photo credit: Magdalena Sorger. This past weekend at the North Carolina Museum of Natural [...]

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Calling All Teachers!

Your Wild Life is excited to announce that we're bringing our wild brand of science into classrooms! We're embarking on a new five-year project to [...]

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