Help us Solve The Mystery of the Danish Underpants

Recently, Pernille Hjort from the Danish Museum of Natural History visited us in Raleigh to exchange ideas about new projects in public science. It was an [...]

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Tracking Kleptomaniac Cats

Aya the cat has an interesting secret life, to say the least. When we started tracking outdoor cats with Cat Tracker in Raleigh/Durham to see where [...]

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We’re Celebrating Our 100th Cat-iversary!

Cat Tracker launched in May 2014. In a little less than one year, we've enrolled over 500 indoor/outdoor kitties from 9 different states and several [...]

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Cat Tracker Launches Down Under

We’re pleased to announce that Cat Tracker has landed in Oz! Last week, our colleague Philip Roetman and team from the Discovery Circle, a citizen [...]

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Why We #CitSci

Your Wild Life is relocating to the West Coast this week to participate in the inaugural meeting of the Citizen Science Association in San Jose, [...]

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Dodging that Winter Coat

Have you ever wondered how our Cat Tracker participants in northern climes fare compared to their southern counterparts? Do these indoor/outdoor kitties continue to roam [...]

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The Secret Life of Roukus, Part 2

Roukus the Cat is a the sense that she spends her winter months in warmer locales. Roukus has finally moved south, from Maine to [...]

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New Year, New Updates from Cat Tracker

The start of the new year seems like a good occasion to update you on Cat Tracker, our citizen science project that uses GPS technology [...]

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ICYMI: Holiday Break Edition

Happy New Year! Classes are back in swing today here at NC State and we’re slowly but surely digging ourselves out from under the pile [...]

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The Secret Life of Starbuck

Have you heard that Cat Tracker has now launched on al/ rbuc(=u-containerp Read More

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What is your cat’s personality?

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What is your cat’s personality?

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