Dr. Eleanor Dishes about Ants!

Looking for a new podcast to listen to while waiting for the next season of Serial? Check out Under The Microscope -- available for free on iTunes -- [...]

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Urban Cicada Safari

On September 2, as the 9-5ers emptied out of downtown Raleigh, we gathered near the State Legislature Building to embark on an urban insect adventure. [...]

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#KidsDoScience reprise

School may be out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be thinking about next year’s science fair project. Today, Adam Hochberg reported [...]

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Carpe Cicada!

As a kid, I never could sleep well on Christmas Eve. The anticipation of Santa’s visit  (and the pile of wrapped presents he [...]

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Scaredy Cats

For the last 100,000 years, big critters have been hunting (and haunting) our human ancestors. Think saber-tooth cats, giant kangaroos and big snakes. This evolutionary [...]

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Right Under Our Noses

Arthropods! In your house! Ok, you shouldn’t be surprised. We’ve been talking about the arthropods – insects, spiders and their kin – co-habitating with us [...]

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Not All Pits Are Equal

Yesterday, Dr. Julie Horvath introduced you to our Armpit Microbe Pilot Study, known as #PitStart to those of you following along in real time on [...]

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Arthropod Update

*Today post-doc Matt Bertone gives us an update on some of the wild, wonderful and wacky finds the Arthropods of Our Homes team has made [...]

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Scientific American Podcast

Think of the weirdest creatures you’ve even seen in a sci-fi film. Now think of this: there are far stranger, albeit smaller, critters living in [...]

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