We have Sitophilus as pets

Attention students! If you have published a paper in which you have studied the natural history of a pest, a paper you think is elegant, transformative, or just cool, you can enter it here to win a prize of $500. This money is for students only, though if you are a faculty member and have done interesting work on the natural history of pests we want to hear from you too (you just won’t get any money). And, if you have some money you want to donate, in order to support students doing this important work, work that has so long gone undone, you can donate here.

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Updating the Species Scape

This post was written by Clint Penick & Magdalena Sorger As the world’s entomologists gather in Orlando this week for the International Conference of Entomology [...]

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The Wild Life of Columbus

The untold story of the species that stowed away on Columbus’s ship and how they have since changed the world. Columbus sailed to the Caribbean [...]

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Evolution of the Indoor Biome

There is something living in the north-facing wall of our apartment. My partner and I have narrowed it down to an organism in the phylum [...]

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Spooky Spider

I love Halloween. It’s the time of year when I can leave all the spider webs up around the front stoop and call them decorations. [...]

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Buzz Kill

One of the joys of being the resident entomologist in my family and circle of friends is that I frequently receive “What’s this bug?” texts [...]

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Celebrating Native Bees

As you were enjoying celebrations this July 4th weekend, you may have noticed many bees flying around your yard or neighborhood park, pollinating flowers and [...]

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Relax, This Is NOT a Mosquito

You’re standing in the shower and one of the most gigantic mosquitoes you’ve ever seen flies over the shower curtain. Take a deep breath … [...]

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Your House is Full of Flies

Today we have a guest post from Dr. Michelle Trautwein, the investigator-in-chief for the Arthropods of Our Homes project. Two years have gone by since [...]

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The Wild Life of Chimpanzee Nests

We share a lot with you, dear readers. Some might say too much (ahem, the plight of our own armpit bacteria, for example). Yet believe [...]

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Backyard Bees

**Entomology graduate student April Hamblin will be studying bees in backyards across Raleigh this summer, and she's looking for folks to volunteer their yards as [...]

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