No matter where and how you life, you live a wild life. Some days we remember and feel our connection to what came before us. But most days we are less aware of being part of a broader community of living species. We no longer see ourselves as being part of nature. Yet our history clings to us, whether we notice or not.

Here you will find our projects aimed at helping you to understand your wild life, through its study, whether that means the study of your belly button, your home or your backyard. You will also find stories of the habitats around you and the species living in them. Some of these stories, such as that about our research on the biodiversity of belly buttons are simultaneously amusing and fascinating. Others, like that of the bed bug say as much about the choices we have made as they do about the wild species themselves. Our goal is to help everyone to understand their wild life and to act on the basis of that understanding, to favor the richness of life around them, and on them too.

Meanwhile, no matter how clean your life is, you remain linked to the rest of life. Life drifts through the air in the form of pollen and dust mites. It has sex in your gut or even on your forehead. It is on you, in you and around you, influencing who and what you are. And so embrace the diversity in your life. Read about it too. Read about the mites that live just above your eyebrows, the fungi that live in your lungs, the ants in your backyard, the hamster in your child’s room or even the chicken down the road. Read about them and as you do consider your place in the wilderness of things, the ways in which you are connected to every living thing, no matter who you are.