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Lea Shell
Lea Shell

Projects: Students Discover, School of Ants, Cat Tracker, Camel Crickets

Lea Shell is an entomologist and educator who devotes her time convincing others just how wonderfully important insects and microbes are to our lives. She enjoys playing with slime mold, ants, GPS units, climate loggers and interviewing scientists about their middle school experiences.

honeywithoutflowers.com | @VeganBugLady

Terry Gates
Dr. Terry “Bucky” Gates

Projects: Paleo

Bucky’s research is at the intersection of paleobiology and modern ecology. He uses field and evolutionary comparative methods to better understand the evolution and preservation of ancient ecosystems.

Dan Fergus
Dr. Dan Fergus

Projects: Poring Over Pore Mites

Daniel Fergus is a molecular biologist who is interested the evolutionary diversity of animals and their behaviors. He has worked on a variety of vertebrate and invertebrate animals, recently focusing on mites that live in the pores of humans and other mammals.

Stephanie Schuttler
Dr. Stephanie Schuttler

Projects: eMammal Camera Traps

Stephanie Schuttler is a mammalogist interested in animal behavior and conservation biology, and where they intersect. Her previous research focused on African wildlife, especially elephants, but she is currently expanding into work on urban mammals in North America. She has strong interests in outreach and science communication.


Julia Stevens
Dr. Julia Stevens

Projects: Soil Microbes

Julia is a microbial ecologist who seeks to understand the relationships between animal and plant hosts and their microorganisms, specifically how environmental conditions affect these relationships. Always up for an adventure, Julia’s research has taken her all across the world and will continue in North Carolina studying plants and their associated bacteria.