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Creative Team

Designers, artists, photographers and science communicators are all working together to share stories of the biodiversity in your daily life. Meet the talented crew who work behind the scenes!

Eleanor Spicer Rice
Dr. Eleanor

Project: School of Ants

Dr. Eleanor Spicer Rice loves all insects, but is particularly fascinated by ants. When she’s not turning over logs or poking at the cob-webby corners of her basement in pursuit of a six-legged critter, Dr. Eleanor is sharing her passion about entomology through writing.

verdantword.com | buzzhootroar.com | @VerdantEleanor

Neil Mccoy
Neil McCoy

Neil McCoy is a web designer for the Department of Applied Ecology at NC State University, where he collaborates with scientists and educators to communicate science in creative and engaging ways to broad audiences. He helps bring Your Wild Life to the masses by designing websites, iBooks and print materials.

Jennifer Landin
Jennifer Landin

Jennifer Landin is a biologist, illustrator and science educator. As an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at NC State University, Jennifer teaches biology and biological illustration to non-scientists. Her focus is on increasing awareness of biodiversity and sharing an appreciation for all wild life through visual arts.

Red Newt Gallery | Jennifer’s NCSU website

Alex Wild
Alex Wild

Alex Wild is a biologist in Illinois studying the evolutionary history of various groups of insects. He founded a photography business as an aesthetic complement to his scientific work, and now blogs about both entomology and photography. We thank Alex for his generous permission to use his outstanding photos on our site!

alexanderwild.com | myrmecos.net | @Myrmecos


Project: School of Ants, Wild Life of Our Homes

Ari Lit and Wray Bowling developed and built the website for School of Ants as well as the participant interface and database for Wild Life of Our Homes.