They Are The Most Harmless, Innocent Creatures In The World.

[Every now and then we receive very special messages from folks who have read our blog, found our research or just share the same curiosity for life’s under appreciated creatures.

Thank you, G, you know who you are. Keep them coming. 

From the Your Wild Life mailbag:]

I Was Just Reading An Article About Camel Crickets On The Internet.
This Article Encourages People (such as myself) Who Have Had Them In Their Home To Share Their Experiences.

As It Just So Happens, I Have Had Them In My Basement For Years.

There Is Plenty I Could Tell You About Them.

For Now, Let Me Just Say That Actually, I Am Quite Fond of Them.

They Are The Most Harmless, Innocent Creatures In The World.

I Feed Them Strips of Sliced Carrots Which They Seem To Really Like.
Of Course, They Will Not Eat Anything As Long As I Am There
(Since They Are Scared To Death of People)
But, Once I Leave, … They Come Back And Eat The Carrots

I Have Learned That It Is “IMPOSSIBLE” To Teach Them “Not To Be Afraid of Me
I Have Tried, …. But, That Simply Can Not Be Done!
It Is Just “Their Nature” To Be Afraid of People

I Read A Comment By Someone Who Called Them “Extremely Aggressive” ? ? ?
Whoever Said That Does Not Know What They Are Talking About!
These Little Guys Are Afraid of Their Own Shadows.

I Intentionally Keep The Lights Off For Them In My Basement,
This Way, …. “IT IS A CAVE TO THEM”.
They Are Just Crickets After All, And Do Not Realize They Are In A Basement,
As Opposed To A Cave.

On Those Rare Occasions When I Do Have To Turn On The Lights,
Such As To Bring Them Carrots Or To Get Something Out of My Freezer.
They Quickly Run Away And Hide!

They Seriously Do Not Like The Light
I Think They “FEEL THREATENED” When The Light Comes On
But Again, … That Is Just Part of Their Nature

But First, I Want To Make Sure That There Is Actually Someone At This E-Mail Address,

If You Would Like Me To Tell You More About My Experiences With Them,
Please Respond To This E-Mail.


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About the Author:

Lea Shell
Lea Shell is an entomologist and educator who devotes her time convincing others just how wonderfully important insects and microbes are to our lives. She enjoys playing with slime mold, ants, GPS units, climate loggers and interviewing scientists about their middle school experiences.


  1. Avatar
    Karen Ciccone June 29, 2016 at 10:36 am - Reply

    That is awesome.

  2. Avatar
    Phyllis July 24, 2016 at 6:11 pm - Reply

    I was sitting in my recliner today minding my own business when I felt something tickle my leg. I have a blanket on my footstool. Anyway I moved the blanket and their was a camel cricket crawling on my leg. I had seen them before but they just startled me. I jumped the CC jumped and then I calmed down. I do have a basement and with the air running I believe it attracts them. They love to eat dust and fur balls. I usually spray my house with home defense once a year and it does keep them under management somewhat. So this was my date with a CC.
    Blessings Phyllis from Indiana.

  3. Avatar
    Connie Cruz August 21, 2017 at 11:01 am - Reply

    I have in my house. Alot of them. Also under my mobile home. I live in Springtown, TX 76082. They get in our beds at night. Me and my family want to get of them. How do I do that
    Please help me.

  4. Avatar
    Debbi Liskany November 21, 2017 at 7:15 pm - Reply

    I just returned to my house after 2 weeks in Italy. while I was gone , I had my heat down to 57 and all my lights were off. When I returned home to the same house I’d lived in for 36 years, my house seemed to be infested with these ugly creatures. I’ve never killed a cricket, but that’s about to change. they jump on you if you try to pass them. The only thing I can guess is they came in with my houseplants.

    Freaked out in Kettering, Ohio

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