Looking for a new podcast to listen to while waiting for the next season of Serial? Check out Under The Microscope — available for free on iTunes — where you can even hear a friendly voice, Dr. Eleanor Spicer-Rice, discuss ants with Daniel Hill and Clint Bergeron.

Under the Microscope

Ants, with Dr. Eleanor Spicer Rice — Episode 3 

Released Feb 01, 2015

Join us as we chat with Senior Science Editor Dr. Eleanor Spicer Rice (who literally wrote the book on ants!) about an invasive ant species with a powerful sting that could be making a destructive path to your backyard, how ant trails work, the benefits of ants, how you can become a citizen scientist, and more. Then Clint and Daniel somehow put a hippo under their microscope in the UTM segment. Finally we ask; can overpopulation be solved if we live like ants? Stay tuned to the final minutes to find out!

Special thanks to Clint and Daniel, creators of Under The Microscope, for the feature image.