A Yankee cat or southern kitty? Roukus calls Maine home for 3 months of the year and Florida for 9! Right now in Maine she enjoys trips through the woods and visiting neighbors but doesn’t take too well to the cool sands of Maine’s shores. Will she prefer the warmer beaches of the Sunshine State?

Roukus is just one of 73 Do-It-Yourself (DIY) participants enrolled in Cat Tracker. With your help, we’re trying to uncover the secret lives of indoor-outdoor cats using GPS technology. We welcome DIY participants from anywhere — follow these directions to participate, joining your fellow Cat Trackers in Maine, California, Germany, and even Holland!

Did you know Cat Tracker was recently featured on National Geographic News? Watch and meet the Cat Tracker team and some of our participating kitties!

Troi Perkins is an undergraduate student in zoology, fisheries and wildlife at NC State University. She’s an intern in the Earth Observation and Biodiversity Lab at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences, working with Dr. Roland Kays on Cat Tracker and eMammal. Follow her on Twitter @theTroi.

Header image credit: Neil Mccoy.