As readers of our blog and Twitter feed well know, we’ve spent the last three weeks working side-by-side with 12 North Carolina middle school teachers at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. These teacher-scientists and Museum researchers have been busy in the field and at the lab bench, co-creating citizen science projects and lesson plans that the teachers will take back to their classrooms in the fall. The goal: Create opportunities for kids to do REAL science, to make new and exciting scientific discoveries. Hence the name of this project and the ever-present hash tag: #StudentsDiscover.

In addition to providing the weekly round-ups from each week (Week 1, Week 2) here on the blog, we want you to meet these special teacher-scientists one-on-one and hear what the Students Discover experience has meant to them.

Check out our special series of short video interviews with each of the 2014 Students Discover Kenan Fellows.

Header photo courtesy of M. Evans.