The Cosmos of Your Body

Inspired by some recent visualizations of the solar system¬†and the return of COSMOS, we decided to jump into our own “Ship of the Imagination.” Our lab is interested in what lives in us, on us and around us – the biodiversity in our daily lives. We tend to focus on creatures, like face mites, that are so intimately connected with our humanity yet so different from what we have understood about ourselves up until now. We get so excited about these investigations that it’s easy to lose track of the scale of our own personal universe – our bodies. It is my hope that this video gives us a reminder:


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Lea Shell
Lea Shell is an entomologist and educator who devotes her time convincing others just how wonderfully important insects and microbes are to our lives. She enjoys playing with slime mold, ants, GPS units, climate loggers and interviewing scientists about their middle school experiences.

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