We're looking for a student to help us sort and identify the ants and arthropods we collected during our urban ecology field work.

Our lab has been busy, BUSY these last few months studying urban arthropod biodiversity. Post-doc Amy Savage led not one, but TWO expeditions to New York City to study the ants living in roadside medians and urban parks. Post-doc Elsa Youngsteadt has been trekking up and down the East Coast sampling arthropods on red maple  trees growing along the streets of Raleigh, Baltimore, New York City, and Boston.

Now that field work is complete for the season, Amy and Elsa need help sorting, counting and identifying the arthropods they’ve collected. They’re seeking a student laboratory assistant to work with them about 8-10 hours/week do just this – More information and instructions about the application process available here in this pdf.