We’ll be chatting it up about citizen science at the April Carolina Science Cafe! Come join us this coming Thursday, April 5, at 6p at the Top of the Hill restaurant’s “Back Bar” in Chapel Hill.

Orwellian Plot or Awesome Way to Help with Research?
Drs. Andrea Lucky and Holly Menninger

So much scientific research can be done right in a person’s backyard and it’s exciting to get everyone involved in research, but sometimes it is not the easiest for scientists. Researchers at North Carolina State, Dr. Lucky and Dr. Menninger will discuss the benefits and challenges posed when working with the public on scientific research.

Dr. Lucky is a post doctoral researcher in Rob Dunn’s Lab at NC State. Her work is based on phylogenetics and ant biogeography. Dr. Menninger is the director of public science for the Your Wild Life program, which promotes citizen science for research in the home.

See you there!